Medtronic R&D Diabetes Denmark (MDTRDDK) is a subsidiary of Medtronic, which is world’s largest medical device company employing more than 40,000 employees worldwide. Medtronic are developing, producing and selling various medical devices for invasive use, ranging from pacemakers to products for diabetes treatment. MDTRDDK was founded in 2009 based on technology acquired from the Danish company PreciSense who developed an optical glucose sensor based on a lifetime interrogated fluorophore labelled Competitive Binding Glucose Affinity Assay. MDTRDDK is currently focused on developing a fiber optical glucose sensor and has 15 employees with competencies within the fields of optical, electronic, mechanical and chemical engineering as well as material science.  


Soren Aasmul

Søren Aasmul, MSc EE, is the co-supervisor for the PhD student recruited by Medtronic. Søren has more than 20 years’ experience within the field of medical device research and development, mostly for treatment of diabetes, and has for the past 13 years specialized in optics and optoelectronics for glucose sensor applications. Søren has 6 granted patents and 5 patent applications.